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The mushroom man

The Mushroom Man spawned in 1995 into the sacred school of Goa trance. As a member of several early Ibiza based psychedelic collectives, the co-operation between him, Juan Verdera (The Muses Rapt) and Nasha studios gave birth to the first Spanish Goa Trance release: The Cosmic Conspiracy. This CD is today a prized collectors item. The Muse and the Mushroom travelled together to Israel to perform at the legendary Drugless Festival in the Huga gardens. 15,000 Israelis flattened the earth several centimetres over the following day and the morning after the world had changed. This event manifested a movement that keeps kicking till today and which internationally represents a tribalistic techno-shamanic ritual for total transcendence of the mind, the body and the soul. Psychedelic trance is found everywhere in the world where people yearn for be free from the shackles of society and its asphyxiating mediaocracy.