Lenny Ibizarre

Balearic Music Maestro

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  • Lenny Ibizarre and Eva Pacifico started the first electronic record label on Ibiza, he was the first dance music producer on the island and was also the first artist in the islands history to have his face on the billboards when he signed with Warner Strategic Marketing.
  • When Lenny landed on Ibiza in the early 90's he was fully engaged in the progressive trance sound, fusing it with techno elements. He was in transition from Heavy Metal, and found the perfect scene for his vision in the early Goa trance scene that was exploding on the Ibizan hillsides, far from the commercial industry. Those parties were like a therapy for him, however, the high intensity was what ultimately drove him to compose chillout in order to "decompress" after a season of dust-stomping. And so the chill was born from trance.
  • Lenny is a pure raw food supporter: For breakfast he drinks 6 raw eggs blender with unpasteurized goat milk, with 2 bananas and 12 walnuts. He eats his meat raw, letting it slightly putrefy allowing for beneficial bacterial colonise to spawn. Raw fish and raw chicken are also welcomed.
  • Lenny fasts (refrain from eating) twice a year, consuming only lemon juice with cayenne peppers and maple syrup from anything between 10 to 20 days (his record is 40 days). He swears this is the key to ultimate health
  • Lenny founded the DJ Awards in Pacha with Jose Pascual in 1997 which still strong today after 20 years.
  • He has 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 green-wing Macaw parrots that occasionally fly free under the arial supervision from Eva Pacifico.
  • He started off in Ibiza in 1991 working in San Antonio in the West End in the Golden Gate Bar. The monthly pay was €350 with one day off a month, The only tip he ever got was half a pill, yet he loved it.
  • He is COMPLETELY colour-blind to red and green and only sees the world in grey, blue and yellow.
  • He studied at Sussex University, Brighton, England and hold a BA in Econometrics and Cross-Cultural Psychology. The study included shamanism, anti-psychiatry, health and madness.